Moroccan Copper Lamps

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Moroccan lamps and lanterns are very unique and are unlike any other lighting accessories found in other areas around the globe. There are two types of Moroccan lighting accessories: Regular and Luxurious. The regular type uses ironwork and is fairly affordable, whereas the luxury Moroccan lanterns use more expensive metals (Copper/Brass) and require weeks if not months of hard labor. The use of Moroccan lanterns and lamps that are intricately hand carved specifically for Moroccan lighting purposes can add an exquisite warming atmosphere to your home.

Moroccan Copper Lamps

lamps and lanterns can be displayed in a variety of ways in your room or household. The goal is to place them in areas where you want to set an exotic mood. If you have been wondering about different ways to display your Moroccan lighting accessories, try some of these ideas!

The most basic way to display your Moroccan lanterns is by placing them on a piece of furniture. Either a desk or a table can help bring out the magic touch of such beautiful craft.

Moroccan Copper Lampshade

Another great option is to hang these lanterns from the ceiling. This is often a quite attractive option for our semi flush models.
Placing a Moroccan semi flush above a dinner table, in a living room for example, can add a nice exotic touch to your decor.

Wall hanging lighting accessories such as Moroccan sconces can also be a beautiful addition to any decor. These gems are often used in bathrooms and living rooms to complement an already existing lighting scheme.

Keep in mind that Moroccan lanterns are not something that you would want to use to achieve bright lighting - they are best used for subtle effects and pattern casting. While our beautiful lanterns are quite versatile, one needs to place them in a suitable environment so they can accentuate the beauty of the existing decor. First, try to come up with ideas of what you want to do with the lanterns or the lighting in general, then you can branch off to specifics as your tackle one room or one area at a time.

These were just a few general ideas to encourage the brainstorming process and help you create a display that is unique and serves its purpose. Also, keep in mind that the more impact you make with your Moroccan lighting, the more of an impact your space will have on your guests and visitors!

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